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Table of Contents

How to open a remitano account


Remitano is one the best p2p crypto platform to trade on in 2022. Remitano has now grown to include other services and the trade of more cryptocurrencies. It is the exchange with the largest bitcoin trade volume on Nigeria. Kindly, read through my Remitano review I posted a week ago there I have expressively explained what this software is all about. 

 Remitano is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform that allow users to buy and sell digital tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, easily and safely.

If you are reading this now it’s either you’re already a crypto trader or who you are yet to become one.

Nevertheless, you ‘re most welcome to my page,.Here in this article, I have provided simple steps, on how to open a remitano account and start your trading immediately.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming viral as a medium of money -making opportunities for individuals and organisations all over the world.

One the easiest way to trade cryptocurrency is to use Remitano peer-to- peer.
To buy or sell of Bitcoin is easy on Remitano than any other platform. With Remitano you can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using your local currency and the process is so simple and easy.

Read my Remitano reviews if you haven’t done that, it is essential for you, you need to understand this software, in order to know if it really what you are interested in .

Although there has been some controversy about Remitano

  • It a scammer
  • It is risky

There are scammers everywhere!!!

Not everyone can be trusted, you will agree with me that anything good will always have bad reports evolving around it, as impressive as Remitano is, there are fraudsters who are desperate to do anything to earn a living thereby ripping off the society their hard earn money.

As much as the information you will get here, it is essential for you to do your findings so you can choose if you really want this.

For the latter, one thing you must keep in mind is every day we all are taking risk.

For instance, imagine you wake up by 5am in the morning, 7am you are off to work then you are back at home 8pm, at the end of the day you get to sleep by 11pm or 12am and this occurs every day, all for a better life, yours and that of your wonderful kids.

Think about that! Aren’t you taking a risk?

One truth about Remitano is that it is accepted, in more than 30 countries in the world, Countries like United Kingdom, Nigeria, Japan, Mexico, Zimbabwe, China, Spain, Rwanda, Ghana, Poland etc. See more countries

Your transactions are monitored by an escrowed system that secures your trade with a buyer and a seller therefore Remitano acts as mediator.

Also, the platform also offers margin trading, coin swap services and its own RENEC tokens.


Fiat Wallets

This wallet is used to store your local/domestic currencies on the exchange, it will help boost your trading experiences on remitano.

Affiliates Program

When you open a remitano account . Remitano offers you a referral platform that rewards you for bringing new users to the platform. You get 40% commission on every referral and another 10% commissions when your friends refer others to the Remitano account.

Deposit and withdrawal options

If you an investor, Remitano is the right platform for you. Remitano supports deposits and withdraw funds. It supports the deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple’s XRP, and USD Tether.


Remitano is a peer-to-peer online trading platform that allows you to buy and sell cryptos.

It provides you an escrowed system that secures your money for easy and safe transactions.

Remitano is accepted in 30 countries around the world, featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer, easy to transact and exchange cheaply.

Unlike some, other crypto trading platform, Remitano follows a restrictive KYC Remitano follows a restrictive KYC check to ensure that users go through a verification process before trading.

Remitano has also included other valuable services and trade for more cryptocurrencies.


Ensure you follow instruction appropriately

  1. Open your web browser and type in Remitano. com
  2. Click log in/ Register on the right corner of the main page
  3. Fill in your email in the box and click Continue
  4. After Clicking Continue an Email will be sent from Remitano to your mail account. (Open it and click on Log me in Remitano
  5. Fill in your username and click Continue Then the registration process is completed, and you can trade. However, you should update your account information to be more comfortable during the transaction. (Setting- Profile and update your information)


Thanks for reading, if this article was helpful kindly drop your comment below or reach me at [email protected] Your response will be appreciated on this platform.

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