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Table of Contents

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

How to overcome depression and anxiety; For some, it might take a whole of support work , time and energy.

Someone who gets the best medical attention eventually overcomes.

Depression is a prominent disease that has effected thousands of people and also cost them their lives.

According to World Health Organization(WHO) says that 280million people have depression and 700,000 people commits suicide every year. Yes dear reader, it that serious!

Although there are known treatment for depression but not all gotten the best medical  support that is required.

However , there some simple practical exercise that can reduce depression and anxiety.

This article contains simple definition of depression and anxiety, causes, signs and healthy ways to handle depression and anxiety


Depression and anxiety for most part might sound the same, but they are different in meaning.

A persistent feeling of sad or hopelessness can be diagnosed as depression while anxiety is mainly caused by overwhelming feelings of worry, nervousness, and fear.

Depression affects how you think, feel, behave towards things around you and prevent you from achieving those call goals.

Anxiety on the hand, involves impatience, irritation, annoyances etc.

One important thing both have in common is that they can be treated with a supportive mental health professional.

The following content is not provided for medical diagnosis of major depression and cannot take the place of seeing a mental health professional.

If you think you are or seeing the signs of depression, a good step to take is to reach out to your doctor or mental health professional.


Signs or Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

  • Feeling guilt or worthlessness
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of energy
  • Reduced interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Persistent thoughts of death or suicide or an attempt of suicide

Causes of Depression and Anxiety

  • Family History. Having a relative who had depression.
  • Having Medical health issues or illness.
  • Using some certain medication.
  • Using drugs and alcohol.
  • Experience from traumatic or stressful events, Examples are physical or sexual abuse, the death of a loved one. Or financial problems.


Here are some simple ways to handle depression and anxiety to help rest your brain and your body and perhaps help you reduce depression and anxiety.

Beyond the information that will be listed here, it’s important you see a mental health professional, to end the pain and get free from it.

  • Breathe slow exhalation more often. This helps relax the body.
  • Body movement improves the body physically, enhances better sleep and keeps you in shape for day -to- day activities.
  • Get regular sleep
  • Spend quality time with supportive family and friends.
  • Learn the act of forgiving immediately. Forgive people not because of them but because of you.

You see people will continue to offend you, its normal, but if you don’t let go, you will be the one carrying the venom, the hurt, but when you forgive, its gradually reduces the pain of depression and anxiety (persistence pain or unease) and you get healed completely.

  • Learn to be always grateful and be watchful of what you are worried about and pay attention to what you have accomplished as the former comes with gratitude which may help relieve depression and anxiety thereby maximizing your thoughts on what is positive in your life.

Be grateful for the little you have or accomplished, one who is grateful in little will have ten times the previous one, the greater one is yet to be unfolded.

Thanks for reading, if this article was helpful kindly drop your comment below or reach me at. Your response will be appreciated on this platform.

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