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Table of Contents

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What you need to about Blockchains and Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a digital database containing information such as records financial transactions that can be used or shared within a large decentralized, publicly accessible network while Cryptocurrency, or crypto is a collection of binary data or digital currency which is used as a medium of exchange. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies allows everything to be transparent and secure transactions. Transactions on blockchains cannot be faked because everything is verified and traceable by computers. At the same time your personal information is protected because it generates a private key to everything you need to transact on. Also, blockchain secures transaction and cheap to transact globally.

Note: The data is recorded in chronological order and once the data is recorded it cannot be change


Remitano is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform that allow users to buy and sell digital tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, easily and safely. It is one of the largest p2p cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, currently serving users in more 30 countries, featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, easy to transact and exchange cheaply. Unlike some other crypto trading platform Remitano follows restrictive KYC checks to ensure that its users go through a to verification process before trading.  Remitano has included other valuable services and the trade for more cryptocurrencies. It is the exchange with the largest Bitcoin trade volume in Nigeria. In this article I will share with you its services and how to buy or trade on Remitano.


High quality

Competitive Pricing

24/7 customer support

Multiple Currency

Wallets for Multiple Crypto

Instant Swap

Peer- to- Peer

Mobile App

High Security

Fast and Easy


P2P Exchange

Remitano is a place where users from different countries can buy and sell Bitcoin and other supported digital currencies directly and operate safely using an ESCROW SYSTEM (a secure payment method). Other types of supported cryptocurrencies are in the P2P marketplace are Ethereum Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT).

The Makers pay-1%

The Takers pay-0%

(Makers are those that SET the buy or sell price while Takers are those that sell or buy at the SET prices)

Remitano Invest

The investment section was launched in 2019. This option allows you to invest and make profit. The difference is you do not actually get custody of the cryptocurrency, but instead, you give your money to the platform to invest on your behalf. For instance.,

If you invest $200 in Tezos (XTY), and in 72hours, the value of Tezos appreciates by 10%, your investment will now be worth $220. Similarly, If Tezos depreciates in price by 10%, your investment will be worth $180.

After closing an investment position, you will receive your money in your wallet. All investment is made using Tether USD (USDT).


Remitano provides wallets for users. The two types of wallets are crypto and fiat wallets which are attached to your Remitano account. Here you will not only have Bitcoin wallets, but you will also have USDT, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash Litecoin, and Ripple Wallets. With Remitano Wallets, you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies anytime.

Fiat Wallets

This wallet is used to store your local/domestic currencies on the exchange, it will help boost your trading experiences. A user trade becomes automatically complete when you have a sufficient local currency in the website Fiat currency wallets are available on, INR (Indian Rupee), NGN (Nigerian Naira), IDN (Indonesian Rupiah), Kenya (KES wallet) and Malaysian (MYR wallet)

Affiliates Program

Remitano offers users a referral platform that rewards you for bringing new users to the platform. You will receive a 40 percent commission when people sign up and buy through your referral link and earn another 10% commission when your friends refer others to trade on Remitano (two tiers).

Remitano Verification

To enjoy the full functionality of Remitano platform, you will have to verify your account. There are various verification levels and limits tried to each (these limits may be changed in each country, visit for updates). These levels are

Phone Number Verification

You will have to verify your phone number by entering your number and providing the verification code sent to you.

ID Verification

Level requires you to provide a valid ID document like Passport or Driver’s Licence

Bank Verification

This level requires you to provide a valid bank account that is matched with the documents verified in Level 2.

Long-time Trader

This requires you to join more than 6 months and have prominent trades already (total trade is equivalently 20 BTC or more)

Peer Verification:

A manual check is required by Remitano’ s support team, you can request by pining them on the live chat box.

Remitano Trading Fees

There are fees associated with using the Remitano platform. The fees differ depending on the type of activity. Here is the list of all the fees related to the platform.

P2P Marketplace Fee

The trading fee is calculated as 1% of the price set on the advertisement’s viewers already includes fees (https//remitano.com/fees).

Investment Fee

Remitano’ s fee for investing is 1% / total of USDT you actually receive, and it is only charged when you have profit. The amount of USDT after fee is not going to be lower than the investment amount.

Customer Support:

Remitano has a support team that offers a 24- hour support to ensure that the user of the platform maintains conflicts crypto transactions among themselves, which users can be accessed on the site’s live chat. Remitano support can be reached on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.


Remitano is registered and operated by Babylon Solution Incorporated. You don’t trade with Remitano but with other traders. Also, Remitano places a high emphasis on security in order to protect its users.

Key features

ESCROW: Remitano uses Escrow in peer-to-peer transactions, to hold crypto before funds are transferred. This avoid the risk of not receiving coins purchased once payment has been made.

Regulatory compliance: Users will have to go through some various levels of Remitano verification before experiencing full functionality on the website. Transaction limits are set based on a user’s verification.

Have you open an account on Remitano? It’s safe and easy.

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