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Table of Contents

What is Emotional Distress? 4 Certain Causes , How to overcome

Emotional distress is a state of mental pain, or the feeling of uneasiness produced by situations of danger. It may result from mental health issue or circumstances, such as financial problems, internal conflicts, frustration, loss of self-esteem or relationship difficulties.

There is wide range between emotional distress and some variety of mental health problems.

Anyone can experience emotional distress, even when they don’t fall in the categories of any mental disorder cases.

Learn the causes of emotional distress, and simple practical ways of managing emotional distress.


Emotional distress simply means emotional pain or suffering. It’s a broad term that involves various signs, but its symptom is majorly originated from depression and anxiety. People go through emotional distress anytime, anywhere and it can be managed.

In most cases longer periods of mental health disorder are triggered by emotional distress.

If it persists, emotional distress can result to mental health disorder.


  • Constant feeling of worrisome
  • Forgetfulness
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Too much of sleeping
  • Experiencing pain, new or unexplained
  • Keeping distance from people or activities
  • Unable to focus on daily tasks
  • Experiencing irritability or unusual anger


Relationship Stress

Financial crises

Unpleasant work environment

Low self-esteem


Truly, there are times in life that some situations seem overwhelming, problems you wish you had the power to put under control at work or at home. However, if you can learn how to spot what stirs these emotions you will be able to maintain it and live a healthy life. You are not alone!

Practice The Act of Mindfulness

This is not a new way of overcoming emotional distress as the act of practicing mindfulness is growing rapidly. Being mindful is the act of sitting now! Attention can help you seek out solutions to pain.

Where you allow yourself to process your own thoughts without attaching any emotion to it. It is a way of identifying the things that happen within and around you without finding fault on it.

When stress starts to overcome you, try not to allow your mind panic instead you can simply relax and access what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way.

Don’t Give in To Your Emotions

This is not easy but what you must know is you don’t have let your emotions control you.

Oversee your own emotion, you choose what you think, and then your feelings are subjected to it.

 If you allow your emotions to keep dictating for you, soon you might be in a situation where you don’t want to be and probably get stuck in the process.

Distract Yourself

If you struggle from emotional pain often this is what you might need. It is said that if we do not express our emotions, they would show up back at us again and again. This can be true, though not in every way. However, this can do us good if we learn from what our emotions are trying to tell us and piling up our emotions in an unhealthy way can be harmful to your body.

If you have something that is causing you emotional stress, create a list of distraction activities that you can engage in.

This way you give less attention to the problems or situation you are going through. Example are watch tv or spend time with supportive friends or family.

Consult A Therapist

If you are suffering from emotional distress or have someone going through it, the information listed above can help you, also it is more advisable to see a therapist.

Someone who is experience can help you work through your current situation to see the root of the problems and other healthy ways you can use to overcome them.

Thanks for reading, if this article was helpful kindly drop your comment below. Your response will be appreciated on this platform.

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